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Commercial Laundry

Do you own a local business that generates laundry? Don't waste your valuable time and resources by doing that laundry in-house. Let Megawash Laundry take care of it for you.

When you use our commercial laundry service we will work around your schedule to make sure you always have clean linens when you need them. We will come to your location and pick up your laundry. We will wash, dry and fold what you give us and return them back to you clean and fresh. We have industrial sized machines that can wash big loads and big items like comforters.

We work with all types of industries, including:

If you're not on the list, don't worry. We are equipped to handle whatever type of linen or towel laundry that you give us. The laundry service cost will depend on the amount of laundry and how often you require our service. Please click on the link below to request a quote.