About Us

MegaWash Laundromat is family owned and operated. The building at 1040 El Rancho Drive in Sparks was renovated from the ground up to be a Laundromat.  This site was chosen due to the adjacent customer parking, convenient location and the high traffic count along El Rancho Drive in Sparks.

Our customers want to go a Laundromat with modern equipment, so they can do their laundry in the least amount of time.  They want the place to be nice and clean because they will spend 1.5 to 2 hours doing their laundry and the last place you want to go to clean your clothes is a dirty Laundromat.

Many Sparks residents commute to work and by the time the weekend comes the last thing they want to do is laundry.  Something must give when both Spouses are working.  Our Wash and Fold Service will produce a much-needed relief from at least some of the household chores so families can focus on family time and sporting events for the kids.

MegaWash only builds Laundromats that are 3,000 sq. ft. or more size.  This enable us to provide a full attended laundromat to our customers.  Our staff is constantly cleaning our facility to keep it as nice as the day it was build.  We have AC that works, high speed Internet, led TVs, machines that are new and when they break – we fix them.  Plenty of seating, laundry carts, and folding table.  Able parking too. 

Mission, Vision, Values

To provide a safe and efficient laundry experience, through Self-Service, Full-Service and Pick-up and Delivery Services.  Maintain our facilities and operation with superior cleanliness.  Leverage technology to make the weekly chore of laundry a more pleasant experience for our customers.


To be the #1 recommended laundry service in Northern Nevada.


Do what is right by the Customer. Integrity to do the right thing. Leverage our employees as a competitive advantage. Focus on Family friendly facilities.

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